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[USA] RealOpenTibia - Custom Real Map [10.99] - NEW

Discussion in 'Advertisement' started by Fablow, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Fablow

    Fablow Member

    Mar 4, 2018
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    RealOpenTibia.com - > An Open-Tibia experience you will never forget!

    >>IP: RealOpenTibia.com
    >>Web: http://realopentibia.com
    >>Port: 7171
    >>Client: 10.99

    *~*Server Rates
    >>Exp: 70x - 2x (Staged)
    >>Skill: 40x
    >>Magic: 20x
    >>Loot: 2x
    >>Spawn: 2x
    >>PVP Protection Level: 40
    >>RedSkull: 6
    >>BlackSkull: 15
    >>RemoveAmmo: No
    >>RemoveRunes: Yes

    *~*Server Features
    >>97% of quests from RL Tibia
    >>99% uptime
    >>10.94+ Weapons are in use
    >>Regular Updates
    >>Guild War
    >>Cast System
    >>Hotel Resort
    >>Slot Machine
    >>Offline Training
    >>Improved Grizzly Adams(x3 exp)
    >>Custom Task System (nice exp & rewards)
    >>Custom Boss/Item Task System
    >>All Vip items are obtainable in-game!

    *~*Map Details
    >>Map over 160mb big
    >>All cities + Krailos + Otherworld + Oken/Pyre/Gengia, + 5 Custom Cities, + VIP & 10 Vip Islands
    >>Custom Content added
    >>Custom Quests (over 40+ chests)
    >>Custom Monsters (over 25+)
    >>Custom Bosses (over 5+)
    >>Updated Monthly

    *~*Quest Features:
    >>Custom POI
    >>Death Arena Quest
    >>Death Maze Quest
    >>Alot more!!

    *~*Server Events
    >>Zombie Event*
    >>Capture The Flag*
    >>Last Man Standing*
    >>Team Battle*
    >>War Anti-Entrosa
    >>Rune Match Event
    >>King of the Hill*
    *~*Events that are marked with a *, give out Tibia Coins as the reward.

    If you have any time, we encourage you to look around the website, look at our Server Events, 10.94+ Items, Vip Features, Tibia Rules and GuildShop.
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