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[Sweden] [Custom] Elythia.zapto.org

Discussion in 'Advertisement' started by Tommy91, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Tommy91

    Tommy91 Member

    May 5, 2017
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    [​IMG] Introduction[​IMG]

    Elythia is a long term server with awesome community and helpful, active staff members. There is no place for botters and cheaters, Our community are people playing for fun. No donation shops, so there's no worry about someone being better just because he spent some $$$

    [​IMG]General Informations [​IMG]

    IP/Website - elythia.zapto.org
    Client - Custom Client
    Server is located in Sweden
    Modified Real map with custom elements
    Exp. rate - Stages; starts with x6 & end down at x3
    Skills - x4
    Magic - x2
    Loot rate - x2
    Server Type - PVP
    Server Starting: 28.9.2018., 20:00 CEST

    [​IMG] Server Features [​IMG]

    The server is based on Cipsoft's RL map, though most of the huge global map usually gets unused. So instead of adding new flashy VIP zones, Orshabaal TP's and new islands, the focus was set on expanding with new features and reusing existing content that usually stays empty.

    The server is offering (no particular order):

    A custom client

    • No need for IP changers, enabled MC and offers the possibility of adding custom sprites someday soon.
    Soul Point Trainers
    • You can train as long as you have soul points, once out of SP, regain them by hunting or switch to the offline trainers.
    • Blessings are free up to level 50, after that it can be bought through a command while the cost keeps increasing with each level without limit
    Crafting System
    • Crafting gives the possibility to create strong weapons by collecting creature products, money and other ingredients required. The crafting weapon sets are divided into 10 Tiers. They start off with weak weapon stats for whom normal equivalents exists, soon enough they surpass in stats other weapons and later they get to become the most powerful weapons one can lay their hands on. There is no chance of failure so frustration from losing progress is absent, though for that reason the grind is real.
    OnLook NPC Interaction
    • You can interact with NPC's simply by looking on them, no need type in "hi", "hello" or "hiho" if that's your thing and if the NPC does have a trade option, it opens it also automatically, no typing required.
    • Elythia also features an AutoLooting system. By simply adding items to the list you'll no longer need to open the corpses to pick it up if looted. Players can remove or add items, check their item list, clear it or sort certain items per backpacks. Only a limited amount of items can be autolooted at once.
    Daily Reward Chest
    • Every day there is a chest awaiting with random goodies to be collected. Items vary from random trash to rares if you're lucky enough and the level scaling ensures that you don't keep getting the same stuff all over again, whether you're level 50 or 200.
    Expanded Task System
    • We're all familiar with NPC Grizzly Adams, though most of the time those tasks don't feel rewarding enough, they're... meh? Killing in the Name Of Quest was expanded on Elythia. Now every single task has a higher gold & experience reward, an achievement point awarded and a boss ready to be faced. Most bosses were boosted with loot to make them appealing, some are now dropping rares too while custom created bosses are offering a wide variety of possibilities. On top of that, up to 5 mounts can be unlocked when reaching certain task points amount.
    Expanded Hunting Grounds
    • The RL Map is offering a lot of possibilities for improvements. There are a lot of large places that go unused because they're outdated or simply the gameplay is fast. With Elythia we're trying to bring some forgotten places into the first plan. Places like Mt.Sternum and Demona for example, were expanded with new mysteries to be discovered, fiercer creatures to be fought and new quests to be completed. Mintwallin on the other hand received a whole redesign to make it relevant again. Some places received a boost in mob amount and some were created in order to make certain tasks doable in the first place.
    • Apart from existing raids, lots of missing raids were added as well as a bunch of new raids were created. All raids are announced upon start so you know where it might be dangerous to walk by.
    • With the expansion of many locations, new quests are also being added. Some are simply go from x to y and open the chest, others require to help a certain NPC while some require lots of keys and riddle solving in order to complete it.
    It doesn't end here though, listing all tiny features would be pointless as some features should be hidden and encountered ingame through playing. With each update, new quests and mysteries are added, more places and adventures are expanded and we'll keep keep pushing it as long as there are players interested into it.

    Some Screenshots:

  2. Kades_JS-

    Kades_JS- Member

    Sep 22, 2018
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    Highly recommended server!
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