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How To Get yourself a FREE Domain!

Discussion in 'Other Tutorials' started by Damon, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Damon

    Damon Web Developer Staff Member Global Moderator

    Feb 7, 2017
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    Hello everyone,
    This tutorial will focus on how to get yourself a FREE Domain for your website/project.

    1. We are going to use FREENOM for this. FREENOM is a Domain registrar that harbours a lot of free Domain registration services and lets you sign up either paid or free domains as displayed below. What's more they offer a free WHOIS Guard protection, stealthing your identity. A service for which e.g. Namecheap does charge:


    2. Alright now head over to FREENOM's website and type in a domain name you would like to use to and click on "check availability" to display domains currently available.


    3. Now you will see the free domains available (if you scroll down you will see the paid ones, too).
    Click the "Get it now!" button to add the domains you would like to register to your cart and ultimately proceed with the green "checkout" button.


    4. You will now see a summary of the domains you wanted to register. On the drop down bar beside each domain you can select the registration length. Most domains will cost after the first year. Thus the most you can select is 12 Months FREE. Don't worry you wont be charged, 12 months free means just that. The domains will expire if you dont choose to renew them.


    5. Now you will need to sign up or log in to FREENOM and you are good to go. After a couple of minutes domaisn are setup and ready to use. You can then adjust your DNS records, nameserver etc.


    Hope this will help some people :)

    Kind regards,
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