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[FRANCE] BudexOT 8.60 !

Discussion in 'Advertisement' started by andjelo96, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. andjelo96

    andjelo96 Member

    Jan 1, 2018
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    BudexOT Server Starts at Saturday 18:00 CET !
    24th February 2018 !

    • IP: budexot.com​
    • EXP: 100x - Stages​
    • Port: 7171​
    • Client: 8.60​
    • Custom client​
    • website : budexot.com​
    Dear BudexOT Players,

    we would like to give you a warm Welcome to our Second Season of BudexOT!
    BudexOT is a Custom Edited Evolution 8.60 Server with midrange Experience stages.

    About BudexOT :

    Are you looking for a fun Custom Retro Evolution PVP-e OT who can bring you back into old evolutions, like Qumora, Roxor, Ghost-OT and all other awesome memories?

    We hope to bring you the most unique and advanced developed retro custom map with over 50+ Quests, 200+ Spawns, 50+ Mission, 50+ Custom Bosses and several different custom item sets and other rare custom items for a balanced late game!

    We believe it's time to give all of you a different kind of taste of Open Tibia Servers!
    We are commited to ensure that it will remain to be an high quality server that will remain for a longer time.

    We are trying to make our server not Pay To Win, thats why we added several new items and balanced old ones.

    Thats why we made every single donation item in-game available!
    Our Budex Set which is best one, cannot even be purchased in our donation shop:
    Only by doing missions or killing ultra team hunt bosses.

    Donate Set can be bought by NPC in +1 Temple floor, there is Anodus/Exodus Set which helps you to get easier donation items, anodus/exodus items are dropped by Normal Team Hunt Bosses, after you get 3 anodus/exodus item you can craft it to donate item.

    We also edited the Free Premium Points System!

    We added several ways to get Premium Points:
    Standard reaching levels
    Loot from Bosses
    Daily Quests
    Daily/Weekly Missions
    and further hidden ways!

    The reworked Free Points system makes BudexOT more enjoyable without donating since you can obtain every donate item by playing the server, and maybe you are even lucky and win a donate item from the mystery gift which you can get with a low chance every third hour!

    VIP is available by purchasing it on our website or through in-game NPCs.
    On our website you can buy 14 vip days and in-game you can buy 7 days vip days for 10kk.

    These are just a few Features that BudexOT has to offer...

    So what are you waiting for?

    Invite your friends and join now!

    Here you have some Basic Information about BudexOT :

    EXP Rates :
    1-100 | 100x
    101-150 | 60x
    151-200 | 35x
    201-250 | 20x
    251-280 | 10x
    281-300 | 8x
    301-350 | 5x
    351-380 | 4x
    380-450 | 3x
    451-500 | 2x
    501 + | 1x

    That may seem low, but the custom Monsters will boost your exp/h

    EXP from players 2x
    Skill Rate 35x
    Magic Rate 17x
    Loot Rate 5x

    Free Premium Points Systems :

    200 - 50 Premium Points
    250 - 75 Premium Points
    300 - 75 Premium Points
    350 - 75 Premium Points
    400 - 75 Premium Points
    450 - 100 Premium Points
    500 - 150 Premium Points,
    By Killing Bosses
    By Joining our Weekly Free Premium Points Event Through our Facebook Page
    By Completing Daily Tasks-Mission, Weekly Tasks-Mission and Normal Task/Missions By Playing our Daily Events in BudexOT

    List of changes from Season I :

    Added PvP Sets for Different Vocations.
    Added Budex Equimpent which is Stronger than normal
    and cant be purchased in shop, only by playing server.
    Added Mystery Gift Which Gives only Donate Items.
    Added Donate/Budex Backpacks
    Added Lottery System every 3 Hours.
    Added Paladin Donate Set Packet.
    Added Knight Donate Set Packet.
    Added Mage Donate Set Packet.
    Added Over 20+ Bosses.
    Added Team Hunt Access Medal.
    Added Ultra Team Hunts Bosses.
    Added Tokens in Bosses.
    Added PvP Tokens.
    Added Stone Event.
    Added Daily/Weekly Missions.
    Added Item Upgrader.
    Added Crafting System.
    Added PvP Tournaments.
    Added Cool Effects for Bosses.
    Added New Team Hunts Bosses Map.
    Added EXP Booster 30% XP For 2Hours.
    Added Addon Bonuses.
    Added MiniGame Snake.
    Added More Rotworms on Begging.
    Added PZ Zone in Heros Teleport
    Added PZ Zone and Edited Bridge in Hydras.
    Added PZ Zone in Serpent Spawns.
    Added 6 New Monsters in VIP.
    Added 10+ New Quests
    Added a bit Decoration in map Heros.
    Added Guild War Castle House.
    Removed Chat Chanel Advertise Rookgard
    Fixed Item in Arrow Slot.
    Fixed Demons Spawn Stairs and Map Bugs.
    Fixed Dragons/Dragon Lords Spawn Map Bugs.
    Fixed Dragon Lords First Spawn Map Bugs.
    Fixed Dragon Lords Second Spawn Map Bugs.
    Fixed Morgaroth Spawn Doors for exit.
    Fixed Tiles in VIP.
    Demodras Gives more XP.
    More Demons in Demons Spawn ( VIP ).
    Destroyers Give more XP.
    Ghastly Dragons Give More XP.
    Hellspawns Give More XP.
    Grim Reapers Give More XP.
    Juggernauts Give More XP.
    Wardors arent invisible anymore
    Fixed Map Bugs in Heros
    Fixed Paladin Bug Weapon + Runes.
    Fixed now you cant go out of arena with pz.

    Donations and Premium Points
    From Season to Season every Account will receive their already donated points back, and from year to year it will remain like this.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  2. andjelo96

    andjelo96 Member

    Jan 1, 2018
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