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[France] BudexOT 8.60 Custom Evolution PvP Enforced

Discussion in 'Advertisement' started by andjelo96, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. andjelo96

    andjelo96 Member

    Jan 1, 2018
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    BudexOT Starts on Saturday 8th December 2018 at 20:00 CEST !
    IP : Budexot.com
    Client : 8.60 / Custom Client
    Uptime : 24/7 Dedicated Hosting
    Hosted in : France, Gravelines
    Website : BudexOT
    Map : Custom Edited Evolution
    Server Type : PvP-Enforced
    Runes : Infinite
    Warm Welcome !
    Our Server is using map back from 2010 while Roxor was online, city name is Engima, A lot of edits were done on Map City and more features as well. After few sucess seasons, we decided to open BudexOT again similar as we done last year, last year launch date was 15th december 2017 and now its 8th december 2018. We have done far away a lot of changes since last year, and I hope this one will be more sucess as was one before, I would like to give you warm welcome to BudexOT !
    Keep Reading if you want to know more details about BudexOT ...
    1 - 49 = 250x
    50 - 99 = 200x
    100 - 149 = 150x
    150 - 199 = 100x
    200 - 249 = 75x
    250 - 279 = 50x
    280 - 299 = 20x
    300 - 349 = 15x
    350 - 379 = 10x
    380 - 399 = 5x
    400 - 449 = 3x
    450 - 479 = 2x
    480 - 499 = 1x
    500 - 550 = 0.5x
    551 - 600 = 0.3x
    601+ = 0.1x
    Loot Rate : 3.5x
    Rate Magic : 30x
    Rate Skills : 28x
    As far as you go with your levels, you will receive reward per level stage you finish, so the next list is how much premium points you receive once you reach level stage, this free premium points system makes our server less pay2win, so you dont have to pay real money for in-game items.
    Free Premium Points System :
    Once you reach 250 level you will receive 25 premium points.
    Once you reach 280 level you will receive 50 premium points.
    Once you reach 350 level you will receive 75 premium points.
    Once you reach 380 level you will receive 80 premium points.
    Once you reach 400 level you will receive 90 premium points.
    Once you reach 450 level you will receive 100 premium points.
    Once you reach 500 level you will receive 125 premium points.
    Once you reach 550 level you will receive 150 premium points.
    Once you reach 600 level you will receive 200 premium points.
    After 600 on stages you will receive special rewards.
    Also there is way to earn premium points by collecting premium tokens, premium tokens are value in our server such as are other coins, but with these premium tokens, you can exchange 100 premium tokens for 100 premium points voucher by NPC Exchanger which is located in Engima City, in Temple.
    Have you thought its done? Ohh no. We still have some few more ways to receive free premium points just by playing our server BudexOT.
    We've got events, in-game game which makes server more interesting...
    Currently we own few events which are :
    Zombie Event
    Zombie Event is happening every day at 14:00,16:00,19:00,22:00
    Reward for Zombie Event is 25 Premium Tokens.
    Firestorm Event
    FireStorm Event is happening every day at 09:00,12:00,15:00,18:00,21:00,23:00
    Reward for FireStorm Event is 25 Premium Tokens.
    Last Man Standing Event
    Last Man Standing Event is happening randomly, once Admin opens it.
    Reward for Last Man Standing Event is 25 Premium Tokens.
    Capture The Flag Event
    Capture The Flag Event is happening every day at 17:00,21:00,00:00.
    Reward for FireStorm Event is 25 Premium Tokens.
    We still have some more events which are hold by our staff team, as well we got an facebook page, where we every week post interesting content about BudexOT.
    Also we do some gifts, quizz on our Facebook Page which can attract people.
    Such like that is an event which will be made if there is enough guild wars to play it, that will be event with real cash prize tournaments, guilds should fight between
    5v5 or 10v10 or 15v15, prize will win every one who participate.
    To make Server more interesting, we added Task System and Mission System,
    These Fun Systems are made so people dont get bored too fast, you can chat with NPC Tasks about tasks, he will give you his offer, there are tasks for low levels which are located Temple +1/-1, you can take task such as : Rotworms, Cyclops, Dragons, Dragon lords, Frost dragons, Demons, AP Javels and so on.
    Mission System is working similar as Task System do. But in Mission System you don't need to only kill monster, you have to take his rare lot. Such an example is Rotworms are dropping as lot lump of dirt, so in Mission NPC you have to bring him 10 lump of dirts for that mission and he will reward you with cash/level same as NPC Tasks do. NPC Missions is located +1 Temple East side.
    Here are some Images how its looks in-game.....
    We also have an Team Hunt Bosses which gives you really good lot and experience, in these hunts you should need minimum 2-3 players depends how much boss is strong, there are some which are more easier than else.
    Here we go some images from our strongest bosses in-game...


    If you are bored and you need quick items such as stamina reffiler, fast cash, rs remover , black skull remover or items simlar to these, we have daily quests.
    These quests are used to be done every 24hours, so once you do them you
    can repeat same quest after 24hours.
    For Active players which have enough premium points collected by events/quizz/in-game lot, they can buy VIP Medal for 30 days, once you enter VIP Room, thats similar to small houses with bridges with monsters, these spawns are made for premium loyal players who dont want to be attacked by other people or either to try exp theirself without other people.
    As we all know, Winter is coming pretty soon, so BudexOT stays on winter theme as much as it could go on, We have edites Spawns Room, Quests Room and Trainers Room into Winter Theme.

    BudexOT Staff Team will do regular Updates and improve server as much as we can,
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