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[Europe] [7.60] [RealMap] [Lowrate 2X] [PvP-Enforced System]

Discussion in 'Advertisement' started by andjelo96, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. andjelo96

    andjelo96 Member

    Jan 1, 2018
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    [Release Date]
    2018-10-19 18.00 CEST
    100% Free to play ClassicTibia

    Website: Classictibia.net
    Client: 7.60 (Coming Soon)

    Experience 2.0 x
    Enforced Experience 2.0 x
    Skill 2.0 x
    Magic 1.0 x
    Loot: 1.0 x
    Regeneration 2.0 x
    ClassicTibia partly uses some of the Cipsoft Tibia files from and is fairly accurate to how Tibia was (with exception to some things that have been improved)

    Paladins and Knights are a lot stronger than people are accustomed to due to properly working formulas.

    Death loss: 2% with Promotion + Full Bless- Real Blessing system with Phoenix Egg.

    Certain creatures in some raids offers special items, eg. old and used backpack that can only be looted from a raid.

    -Promotion Full Cost: 20k

    -Amulet Of Loss Cost: 50k

    Shortcuts and secret ways in game find them out!

    Wands & rods are enable in game = yes

    All Spells are total free.

    No Rune Sellers.

    No blanks in hands to make runes

    All 7.70 quests are available and work exactly the same as they did on Tibia 7.70

    NPC's - The NPC's will respond to all keywords as they did in the old days, giving you that authentic feeling.

    The map contains all places of Tibia 7.70 It also contains 100% spawns of Tibia 7.70

    The speed system has been rewritten with perfect haste/paralyze systems. No more buggy ultra slow-motion paralyzes like OT-players have grown accustomed too.

    Shared Party Experience - Hunting together should be fun, whether you are a knight, mage or paladin. Once you are in a party you can enable shared party experience by writing in game !share, dividing the experience equally over your party members.
    There is a level restriction based on the highest level in your party.

    Perfect Stability.
    Our new server is built to support theoretically thousands of players, If a Crash would occur, the server wouldn't rollback more than 1 minute.

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