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Basic Connect and transfer files with FileZilla FTP Client

Discussion in 'Windows' started by HalfAway, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. HalfAway

    HalfAway #1 Staff Member Administrator

    Feb 6, 2017
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    Welcome to another tutorial by me.

    This time I'll explain how to use FileZilla FTP Client to connect to your server and how to transfer files easily.
    The tutorial will be a short one.

    Lets start, shall we?

    First you need to download and install FileZilla FTP Client, you can find the link here:
    You should pick the FileZilla Client to transfer files to/from your server.

    Go for Filezilla, you do not need to purchase FileZilla Pro.

    Download and run the setup file.

    Now, start FileZilla Client by double-clicking on the FileZilla Client icon on your desktop.

    In the top-left corner of FileZilla you'll find the menu.
    Navigate to File->Site Manager.

    Now the Site Manager window should look something like this.

    1. New Site: This button will add a new site to your Site Manager.
    2. General
      1. Host: This is where you enter your servers ip or domain. (e.g. otrealm.com).
      2. Protocol: You can use SFTP if you are using SSH (Linux).
    3. Login Information
      1. Logon Type: This should be normal, since we are going to login with a regular user (root in this case)
      2. User: This is where you enter the username of the user. (e.g. root)
      3. Password: This is where you enter the password of the user.
    Now you've setup your first server in Site Manager, click connect to establish connection to your server.

    Connected to your server, it might look something like this:

    1. Server Directory: This is where your files on your server is listed.
    2. Remote Site: This window will show where you are located in your server. (e.g on the image we are located in /root directory).
    3. Queue: This window will show your upload/download queue.
    4. Local Site: This is your personal computer's files.
    5. Status Window: This window will show your FileZilla status.
    Now to upload a file, you can simply drag and drop it into the Remote Site window and FileZilla will upload the file.

    How to edit files directly on the host
    First we should edit FileZilla to use our own favourite text editor, in my case it is Sublime Text.
    To edit the default editor on FileZilla, you navigate in the top menu to.
    Edit -> Settings -> File editing
    Select Use custom editor and hit browse and navigate to your favourite editor's installation folder and select the .exe file.
    Press OK.

    Now its time to edit a file directly on the host, this can be useful if you need to edit something on the go or if you just don't want to edit your local files and upload again.

    Right-click the desired file you want to edit on your host, and select View/Edit.

    Good luck using FileZilla.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2018
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