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Port Forwarding Asus RT-AC66U

Discussion in 'General' started by HalfAway, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. HalfAway

    HalfAway #1 Staff Member Administrator

    Feb 6, 2017
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    This tutorial will explain how to open ports on an Asus RT-AC66U router.

    First we need to find our Default Gateway IP address, which we can find by opening our CMD and typing ipconfig.

    First start with navigating to your routers web interface in your browser.
    In this case we got Default Gateway:, so this is what we are going to type as address.
    The standard username and password should be admin/admin if you haven't changed it.

    In the left menu locate and click on WAN.

    Now navigate to the Viritual Server / Port Forwarding in the menu.

    Now you should see this page:
    • Service Name: Name your server in this case we use OTServer.
    • Port Range: Port range, we want to open both 7171 and 7172 so we use a colon as separator for port ranges. (7171:7172)
    • Local IP: From the dropdown list, locate your computers name.
    • Local Port: This is used if you want to redirect incoming packets, we are not using this so leave this blank.
    • Protocl: OT Servers uses IPs to connect and such so we only need to forward the TCP Protocol.
    Once all the information is entered click on the Add/Delete button, you have now successfully forwarded the ports for the game server.

    Now repeat the steps to add the website, which uses port 80 as standard.
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