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ANTIQUA OLD 7.4 (START 12/10/18)

Discussion in 'Advertisement' started by Igor, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Igor

    Igor Member

    Sep 26, 2018
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    Create your account now and get ready for the day of the great release. Follow the latest news on our website and social networks and come play our server.
    Here you will have the best old Tibia experience with unique features to keep gameplay attractive, challenging and fun!
    We have our own client with anti-bot system and active Staff to ensure that the game is fair and playable for everyone.
    A kingdom full of adventures, fantasies, wars, and, of course, the fight for survival! With a global map with some new cities for greater comfort and gameplay, these are:
    Port Hope, Senja, Irondell & the island of Goroma and its liberated sub-islands.
    Woodlow, Elary & Smallville for Golden Account players.

    Game Features:
    -Experience for internships. -Promotion: 20k -Aol: 50k in Eremo. -Messages of the loot on the screen. -Blank runes and Mf for sale in backpacks (example "buy bp mf"). -Party Exp Share (! Share) 10% more than exp. - Instant travel "bring me to." -Server is using the Bank system on NPCs. -Man / HP restore at level feed -The pots and runes are not stackable. Vocations were carefully balanced, with a focus on PvP. -All boats and rugs are PvP. -Troque Gold, Platinum and CC using the right button. - There is no level to use weapons, helmets, pants, etc. -As (Blessings) only protect (Skills), do not forget to use AOL. - The quests (Pits Of Hell, Demon Oak and Ferumbras Tower) were created from scratch, being a copy of the original Tibia. -Tasks (Talk to the NPC "Task manager" to pick up missions and earn your reward). -Automatic backups to prevent loss of information. -War System "/ war and / balance". - The deposits of all cities contain npc rashid and the task manager. - Ships, rugs and spells released. - SSA only drop of Warlock and Hydra, do not sell in npc. - Exevo gran mas pox with almost compatible damage to the exevo gran but vis for a better balance between the magicians. - Level 50+ can create guilds. - No rods and wands. - Djinns in Ank without questing. - Focus on RPG / PVP old school - Dynamic and balanced - more than 10 new quests * list on the site * - more than 30 new items * list on site * -more than 25 new free hunts * list on the site * - more than 20 new premmium hunts * list on the site *


    Antiqua is a free game for everyone. However, if you are having fun playing, we can offer a VIP account that comes with some benefits. * Possibility of negotiating with Rashid. * Monk Trainers (Elary City only) * 10% more exp for vips * All clothes released. * 2 new Vip cities (Woodlow & Elary) and 1 village (Smallvilee). * More space in the dp and vip list list. * Possibility to buy house.

    ( NEWS )
    1 new city released {Irondell] 2 new VIP cities [Woodlow & Elary] 2 islands [Senja and Goroma] 1 VIP Village [Smallville] 4 sub-islands (Ramoa, Talahu, Malada and FERUMBRAS TOWER)


    ACCESS OUR WEBSITE: www.antiqua74.com

    The purpose of the server, is to provide for you and your friends, fun, RPG and a characteristic PvP. Our main focus, undoubtedly, is the COMPETITIVE PVP. The server was developed by a team of veteran players, trained and with a lot of professionalism, that is, team members do not play. We want you as a player! Your opinions, advice and / or complaints will be welcome on our forums
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