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[7.4] Capture The Flag (Avesta) 1.0

Capture the flag datapack for Avesta 7.4

  1. OTRealm BOT
    The map contains 3 cities: Thais, Carlin and Edron.

    Spawn and flag locations can be edited in global.lua, also with the possiblity to add and remove locations without very much work except for the mapping part.

    For your account creation the starting position for the current map position is: X: 167, Y: 16, Z: 7

    You will however need to edit your config.lua to find the proper map, rates etc.

    Code (Text):
    1. !switch - manual switching map for players with access over 3
    2. !buy - buy menu for items you can buy for points you score during game play
    3. !join - joins battle
    4. !leave - leaves battle, you cannot however leave if carrying flag or in battle
    5. !stats - displays current points

    Other files you might need to look into for chaning stuff to what you desire:
    Code (Text):
    1. global.lua (most stuff are in here, at the bottom)
    2. actions/scripts/ctf/flags.lua
    3. creaturescripts/scripts/(all files)
    4. npc/script/ctf.lua -handles automatic map switching
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